About Us

Clothing from Iny & Aly makes a great addition to your babies wardrobe, and can also be kept and cherished as a keepsake.

All of our baby suits, grows, vests and bibs are made with 100% cotton. In addition all of our embroidery materials have been specially sourced to be as kind and soft to your babies skin as possible. You will find behind all of our embroidery a super soft protective lightweight backing.

The inspiration for Iny & Aly came from my own identical twin daughters in 2017.  Whilst awaiting their arrival hours were spent searching for those all important 'coming home, first photographed outfits'. The difficulty was finding clothes which were personal to them and us, clothes that would be able to show off their personality, particularly as twins. I wanted to create something different to basic print, and something which would be lasting I knew how many times they would be put through the wash!

If there is something you have in mind for your little one that you cannot find in our catalogue, contact us  and we will be happy to create a personalised design for you.